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We provide customized services and solutions for your digital transformation. Regardless of whether you want to change your entire business or just some components. We help you navigate the digital maze and define the right business analytics strategy to boost your organization. To do so, we combine services of SAP consulting, software, hosting, support and training.


BI As a service

Business intelligence is a concept that is well established in many organizations to support business decisions. However, business often struggles with maximizing on the benefits from the BI environment. Data is often fragmented across departments using different tools and key business users are often tied up making reports. These form bottlenecks in the organization.

Business often struggles with maximizing on the benefits from the BI environment.

Business vs IT
Business users have a high expectation of technology based on experience in private life. New technologies, apps and practices are easily adopted. It is common that these users experience a mismatch with the BI implementation in your organization. These tend to be rigid and do not adapt easily on fast changing demands of the business. IT departments are often restricted by their platforms, procedures and policies. BI is not your core business. This causes frustrations at business side as well as on the IT department side of your company.

This tension between departments is counter-productive and must be avoided. It often leads to Business departments being very resourceful in finding loopholes, bringing in technologies and bypassing the IT department. This poses a risk; as the IT department’s mandate is to do risk assessments, perform sanity checks and data controls. 


our service

We at DataMotive believe that a unified business analytics strategy strengthens your organization. This strategy includes identifying problems, building solutions and managing the administration of your business analytics environment. We closely follow the fast changing BI technologies and bridge the gap that exists between business users and the IT department.

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Our BI as a service solves these challenges by offering a full BI solution that delivers insightful visualizations, collaboration and user experience. We are not driven by tool functionality but by a desire to find the best reporting method to run your business. This service can be both offered on premise as well as in a cloud based model. It provides integration of your data, building and maintaining standard reports and tailored views. Allowing users to focus on the business and transforming IT departments from implementers to business enablers.

fast results

Our agile approach guarantees a quick return on investment while at the same time we keep an eye on the long term strategy ensuring that your business analytics are a strong asset and facilitate operational excellence.


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